Ekstraksi, Karakterisasi, dan Kajian Potensi Prebiotik Inulin Dari Umbi Dahlia (Dahlia pinnata L.)

Dahlia (Dahlia pinnata), an ornamental plant, is classified to the Compositae family. It has tuber as an energy reservation and source of inulin. Inulin is polyfructan, consist of fructose chains with glucose terminal. The ??2??1) frucrosyl-fructose linkages make inulin resistant to mammal?fs digestive enzymes, but fermentable by colonic bacteria. Therefore, it has prebiotic properties. The objective of this research was to explore the inulin from several dahlia tuber varieties and charaterized of their properties. The varieties used were pinkish white informal decorative (D1), purple formal decorative (D2), white formal decorative (D3), bright red pompon (D4), and pompon orange (D5). Result showed that the highest carbohydrate content of Dahlia tuber was D1 (87.1% db), the lowest one was D3 (82.8% db), and the average of carbohydrate was 85.2% (db). The inulin content was ranging from 51.5 to 82.8% (db). The maximum yield of inulin was about 4.4% (wb) obtained from bright red pompon (D4), with characteristics as follow: 8.6% moisture, 0.5% ash (db), 92.5% carbohydrate (db), 3.6% total sugar (db), 8.7% cold water solubility (db), 83.3% SDF (db), and water binding capacity 1: 2.14. The best properties of extracted inulin was obtained from tuber with bright red pompon flower.

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