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Seed Resources Management Unit (UPBS) food crops is an internal institutional IAARD who have the task to manage the source of seed crops.

UPBS be reliable in supporting national food crop seed systems.


  1. Producing and managing sources of seed crops that have genetic quality, physical quality, and high quality physiological
  2. Provide customer satisfaction through the implementation of quality assurance and continuous improvement

UPBS establishing goals is to produce food crops and managing crop seed sources by the application of quality assurance systems.

Target :

  1. Realization UPBS crops insightful quality assurance system
  2. Helped the crop seed supply sources include breeder seed, foundation seed, and the seed of the principal in accordance with the principles and application of quality assurance systems on an ongoing basis.

Sources of Data Availability Seed Crop can be visited via the link below:
1. UPBS Rice Research Center - Sukamandi, West Java
2. UPBS Cereal Crops Research Institute - Maros, South Sulawesi
3. UPBS Crops Research Institute for Legumes and Tuber Crops - Malang, East Java
4. UPBS Loka Tungro Disease Research - Lanrang, South Sulawesi