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Historical Background

When first establish in 1918, algemeen proefstation voor den landbow (Balai Penyelidikan Pertanian/Assessment Institute for Agriculture) was the embryo of the Indonesian Center for Food Crop research and Development (ICFORD) in which the name was changed into Jawatan Penyelidikan Pertanian in 1949, and later into Balai Besar Penyelidikan Pertanian in 1952.

Considering the importance of agriculture as a primarily source of people's economy, during the period of 1960's, the Indonesian government gave more attention to research institutes that could bring progress in national agriculture, as indicated by establishing the Central research Institute of Agriculture (CRIA) in 1966.

In 1974, under Department of Agriculture reform calling for the reorganization of the Directorate General-affiliated research organizations, the CRIA became an institution under the supervision of the Agency for Agriculture Research and Development. The name of CRIA was changed into the Indonesian Center for Food Crop Research and Development (ICFORD). During its service, ICFORD has made numerous achievements in the field of food crop technology through a variety of successful research and development activities and in its significant contribution to national agricultural development.