In the cooperation program, the Indonesian Center for Food Crops Research and Development (ICFORD) actively explore, foster and develop collaborative research programs with various institutions both within and outside the country. Cooperation program in the country is mainly geared to spur the development of science and technology and to accelerate the transfer of technology to the users of research results, especially entrepreneurs engaged in agriculture/agribusiness. For overseas institutions, cooperation is intended to increase Indonesia access to methods and technologies that are relevant and up which have generated by international research centers.

National Partnership

In the country, cooperation are conducted with the research collaboration, government agencies and non-governmental, private sector and individuals.

  • Rice
  • Cereals
  • Kabi
  • International Partnership

    International cooperation with international research institutions with priority given to research cooperation activities with countries / institutions which Indonesia has had and umbrella cooperation with countries/agencies concerned.

  • BB Padi
  • Partnership Giudelines

    Instructions and General Guidelines for Implementation of this cooperation is working guidelines in conducting joint research and development of agriculture, can be used by units of work / UPT AARD, as well as the cooperation partner reference.

  • Rice Commodity
  • License

    Various products produced AARD has been licensed (cooperation) to the AARD partners, particularly companies in Indonesia.

  • Scope of License Hall KS Puslitbangtan 2007-2012