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Assessing the symptoms Gapong in peanut and Its Control Way Possible

The term " Gapong " which began to be published in the 1930s used to call peanut pods that do not contain seeds , black pod , pod skin fragile and sometimes followed by... Read More →

Tanggamus, Soybean Varieties for Dryland Wry

Is Tanggamus, soybean varieties for acidic soil that has been generated by Balitkabi. Of varieties which is a cross between the varieties Kerinci with 311, has been tested in a... Read More →

Controlling Pests Pesticides Vegetable Rice with

Botanical pesticides are pesticides whose active ingredient comes from a plant or plants and / or other organic materials are efficacious control of pests and diseases in plants.... Read More →

Wheat Stem Rust Disease In

Wheat is one of the commodities cereals became staple food in Indonesia. This commodity is an important source of protein and the second most important source of calories after... Read More →

Hybrid Corn Cob double: NASA 29

Corn is the main food commodity after rice and wheat. Demand for corn continues to rise among the public so that the import of maize can not be avoided. In 2016 the import of... Read More →