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Hybrid Corn Cob double: NASA 29

Corn is the main food commodity after rice and wheat. Demand for corn continues to rise among the public so that the import of maize can not be avoided. In 2016 the import of maize has dropped about 60% and the government hopes the 2018 maize is not imported. Maize production must be increased in order to reduce imports.

To increase maize production required high yield strain. Balitbangtan has created a double cob corn hybrids with production doubling of regular corn.

Double hybrid maize cob is the result of a cross between inbred lines with code G10.26-12 as the female parent and MAL03 as male elders. Both of these strains is assembled by Tim Corn Breeders Balitbangtan Ministry of Agriculture.

On the occasion of World Food Day (HPS), which took place October 29, 2016 the President of the Republic of Indonesia Joko Widodo opportunity to give the name of hybrid corn cob double with the name "NASA (Nakula Sadewa) 29".

NASA has 29 100 hst harvesting seeds with yellow-orange color. Potential high yield reached 13.5 t / ha. In addition to the potential for high yields, corn has resistance to downy mildew, rust and blight.

The advantages of hybrid corn cobs are 29 double NASA stay green, the color of the stems and leaves above the ear are still green when the seeds are ripe / time to harvest so that it can be used for feed. Increased yield> 35% of hybrid corn cob in half and the yield is high and the harsh corncob.

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