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Assessing the symptoms Gapong in peanut and Its Control Way Possible

The term " Gapong " which began to be published in the 1930s used to call peanut pods that do not contain seeds , black pod , pod skin fragile and sometimes followed by a foul conditions . Many farmers in the former Cirebon Karisidenan complain of these symptoms , because it poses a huge economic kerigian , exceeded due to leaf disease . Up to now the main cause " gapong " is still not known so well how to handle uncertain. The survey peanut crop in the district . Cirebon and Majalengka in the dry season of 2008 indicate that the term is used to designate gapong pods unhealthy conditions with a variety of circumstances . However, if the condition has been compiled divided - gapong could be due to nematode attack , soil pests , soil borne disease , as well as mechanical injury ( injured by agricultural tools ) that it is possible to be controlled or suppressed attacks by using pesticides or control technology others . While gapong phenomenon that refers to the condition of black pod , pod outer skin blisters , burning , stringy and brittle , and is followed by a rigid rod , the leaves are smaller and stiffer , it is yet to be overcome . The results of the study seem to indicate that the availability of macro nutrients N , P , K , Ca , and manure in the soil associated with the appearance of symptoms gapong . In addition , application of straw mulch can also suppress the symptoms " gapong " Healthy plants mainly of leaf spot disease and leaf rust and seed treatment with fungicides Captan also reduce damage to pods . In the future , the results of this study we wanted to combine the local knowledge to control the symptoms of " gapong " .

Source: A.A. Rahmiana , Y. Baliadi

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