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Tanggamus, Soybean Varieties for Dryland Wry

Is Tanggamus, soybean varieties for acidic soil that has been generated by Balitkabi. Of varieties which is a cross between the varieties Kerinci with 311, has been tested in a number of areas in Sumatra, ranging from Lampung, South Sumatra to North Sumatra. Given the resources of land for soybean development in the region is vast and relatively wet climate, supporting the development of soybean cultivation in dry land. The test results also show that in addition to having a better yield than varieties Wilis and Slamet, Tanggamus varieties also have a higher tolerance index to soil acidity than varieties Slamet, Wilis, and Sindoro. To that end, efforts to accelerate the increase in domestic production needs serious attention. If not, the rate dependence on imported soybeans will be higher plus farmers' income opportunities will "drift away".

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