Statistics of Agricultural Land 2012-2016

Center for Agricultural Data and Information System has completed this Statistical Book of Agricultural Land to fulfill the requirement of many users on the data of agricultural land for the last 5 (five) years data series. The data which covered in this book are: 1) area of wetland by provinces and districts, 2) area of irrigated wetland by provinces and districts, 3) area of non- irrigated wetland by provinces and districts, 4) area of dryland or garden by provinces and districts, 5) area of shifting cultivation land by provinces and districts, 6) area of temporarily unused land by provinces and districts.

To all those who have helped in this publication, we thank you very much. This book, such as other statistical books has many limitations. Therefore, we kindly expect the criticism and suggestion for future improvement. Hopefully this book could be useful for decision-makers and all users.

Download :  StatistikDataLahan2012-2016.pdf

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