Soybean Production Technology, Peanut, Green Beans, Cassava and Sweet Potatoes

Slowing growth in agricultural production compared to demand growth is happening today, in part due to the low level of technology adoption level of farmers. Many agricultural technology that has been generated by agricultural institutions, including the Agricultural Research Agency, has not been adopted by farmers. Therefore, looking IAARD need to make special efforts to accelerate the adoption of technology. Through the Pilot Program and Acceleration Correctional Agricultural Technology Innovation (PRIMATANI), which combines innovation systems and agribusiness systems, dissemination of technology not only inform, but also through the implementation of the field (pilot) in an integrated system. This booklet is Balitkabi research results compiled back to support the dissemination of technology through the Pilot Program. This book is presented in a simple and equipped with information latest high yielding varieties, intended to be more easily applied by users, both farmers and field extension. Imperfections may be found in this issue. Therefore, criticism and suggestions from readers are encouraged. Hopefully this book.

Download :  teknologiproduksikacanghijau.pdf

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