Rice Rat Control

Field mouse is a major pest of rice plants that can cause damage ranging from current nursery until the rice is ready for harvest , even can attack the rice in the warehouse. Rat causes chronic loss results where most regions have experienced an increase in intensive cropping patterns every year . The results showed that the proliferation of rats in rice paddy fields mainly in rice stadia generative period . In one growing season occurred three times the number of children born mice on average 10 cows for every birth . Number of children ever happens at first birth and decreased in subsequent births . Field mouse control strategy should primarily be done when the rat population is low and easy implementation , namely at the beginning of the growing period , with the goal of lowering the population of adult female rats prior to breeding . Killing one adult female rats at the beginning of the planting , the equivalent of 80 rats killed after breeding at the time of harvest ( Sudarmaji et al . , 2005 ) .

Rat pest control is done by an integrated approach to pest control mice ( PHTT ) control mice that are based on understanding the ecology of mice , performed early , intensive and continuous control by utilizing appropriate and timely . Implementation of controls carried out by the farmers together ( in groups ) and coordinated coverage of control on a wide scale .

TBS method ( trap barrier system) is one way to control rats on rice crops . This method has been tested and proven effective in lowering the level of damage by rats when compared to use of chemicals that can cause negative effects on human health and the environment . TBS method is done by simply fencing with plastic or tarp fence and equipped with traps or pitfall traps were installed at the entrance . Merger between the trap and the trap trap crop to attract and trap the mice get into TBS .

TBS consists of : 1 ) trap crop is rice planted 3 weeks earlier , measuring 25 mx 25 m for 10-15 ha , 2 ) plastic or tarp fence height 60 cm , is made with bamboo stakes , the bottom under water , and 3 ) bubu traps mounted on each side of the TBS , made from the ram wire with size 20 cm x 20 cm x 50 cm , equipped with a funnel-shaped entrance of rats , and the doors to issue catches mice . In its application in the field , surrounded by a moat with TBS swath width of 50 cm which is always filled with water to prevent rodents dig or pierce plastic fence .

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