Has Sunrise, Training Manual for Community-Based System of Rice Seed

As part of the collaboration IRRI - Balitbangtan, CURE (Consortium for Unfavorable Rice Environments) seeks to develop community-based seed systems (SpBM) for rainfed rice agro-ecosystem as a technology development strategy and increased management capacity of seed, crop diversification, crop management, and other needs. The goal is to improve productivity and livelihoods in sub - optimal. With this framework, then developed the concept SpBM CURE.

SpBM training manual contains information about the role of seed banks in rice production systems, methodologies and requirements, appropriate seed technology, seed and management of food security and agricultural biodiversity. Also presented in this manual seed health management techniques, crop management practices, seed production technologies, socio-economic and cultural dimensions described in some cases.

This guide is a product of learning, feedback, and additional knowledge derived from interaction with the participants of a series of training programs organized by SpBM IRRI (International Rice Research Institute) in the Philippines. Put in the learning material taken from a similar training program conducted in Laos and Indonesia, which is also part of the information in this module. We hope this manual can be a reference in building community-based seed systems in Indonesia.

Source: Indonesian Center for Food Crops Research and Development

Download :  CBSSIndo.pdf

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