Agricultural Statistics 2013

Performance of agricultural development in 2004-2009 that should grow quite impressive to be able to be improved in the period 2010-2014 . In 2010-2014, the Ministry of Agriculture develop a strategy to reposition agriculture as a driving force of national development . The main target of future agricultural development , namely : ( 1 ) the achievement of self-sufficiency and self- sustained , ( 2 ) increasing diversification , ( 3 ) an increase in value added , competitiveness and exports , and ( 4 ) improving the welfare of farmers . Efforts to reach the major targets of agricultural development on top is not easy , because faced with the challenges of agricultural development issues and challenges that are not light . To deal with these conditions , the Ministry of Agriculture implements 7 ( seven ) is the revitalization revitalization of land , seed and seedling revitalization , revitalization of infrastructure and facilities , human resources revitalization , revitalization financing farmers , institutional revitalization of agriculture , as well as the revitalization of technologies and industries downstream . A key success factor is the implementation of a program to revitalize agriculture integrated from upstream to downstream with tech support , management , human resources that are reliable and accurate data and information . In this regard it is necessary to supply the data and agricultural information is accurate and up to date . Center for Data and Information System of Agriculture in cooperation with other work units or units of the Ministry of Agriculture Ministry of Agriculture working out has carried out the collection , processing and presentation of data and information on crops that are packed in the form of printed materials such as books Agricultural Statistics 2013 . Book Agricultural Statistics 2013 is expected to be used as reference material in preparing and formulating agricultural development programs . For the wider community can be used to monitor the progress of agricultural development at national and regional levels.

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