Inheritance of grain elongation on local rice varieties

One tanak good quality characteristics is the ability to elongate after the rice is cooked. In some countries this nature serve as an important factor in the quality assessor tanak. Breeding programs to obtain improved varieties, including rice elongation properties that have a long, require sufficient information about how the trait is inherited. To study the inheritance of Khao Dawk Mali 105 varieties, Basmati 370 and Incense varieties crossed with IR36. There is no effect on the ovaries of the three crosses. Model-additive gene action does not fit the dominant inheritance pattern of elongation of rice, the action of non allelic gene epistatic interactions play a role in the inheritance of the trait. At Khao Dawk Mali 105 crosses / IR36 and Dupa/IR36 complementary action. On cross Basmati is duplicate gene action 370/IR36.

Broad sense heritability relatively high and low for a cross Dupa/IR36 Khao Dawk Mali to cross 105 / IR36 and Basmati 370/IR36. All crosses have a narrow sense heritability estimates are very small. Similarly the selection response for Dupa/IR36 larger than the other. Selection to obtain the elongation properties of rice is well done in further generations.

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