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National Partnership

National cooperation is an agreement to conduct research and development of the Indonesian Center for Food. Crops with scope of cooperation with national partners. Research and development activities include : research, development, assessment, engineering, technological guidance, evaluation/character-zation of agricultural resources, as well as the exchange and use of information. Collaborative Center for Food Crops are basically aimed at : (a) accelerate the maturation of technologies such as the verification test, multilocation trials, adaptation trials, due diligence, etc. (b) accelerate the dissemination and adoption of technology. (c) accelerating the achievement of agricultural development. (d) Increase the scope of capacity building in Indonesian Center for Food Crops Research and Development. (e) Obtain feedback to improve the technology. (f) creating an alternative source of ICFORD financing.
National cooperation is conducted as formal institutional, which described into the contractual documents (Memorandum of Understanding/MOU, cooperation contracts) signed by the parties and the non-contractual which described into a letter agreement of the parties. In the process of signing a contractual document collaboration should consider the equality (position) of the parties in the cooperation. Type of Domestic Cooperations are :

  • Cooperation with Government/Local Government (Prov, District, City)
  • Cooperation with National Private/Non Government Organizations
  • Cooperation with Other Research Institutions (Research and Technology)
  • Rice
  • Cereal
  • Kabi