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NASA 29 double cobs and Target 2018 Not Import Maize

President of the Republic of Indonesia Joko Widodo attending the World Food Day (HPS) in 2016 in Boyolali District Government Complex, Kemiri, District Mojosongo, Boyolali, Central Java (10.29.16). In the event, the President revealed that food is one of the era of competition between countries in addition to water and energy. Indonesia fertile country so that it can prepare for the sovereignty of national food supplies.

"Our country is great and fertile country but last year the rice, soybeans, corn, fruits, sugar was imported, but the President is optimistic with hard work and the spirit of change is high then the national food sovereignty will be realized," said the President.

In addition, the President stressed the importance of the strategy in the future to increase the enthusiasm of farmers to continue growing, especially corn plants are still imported despite decreased by about 60%.

On this occasion President Joko Widodo opportunity to review the maize crop area and name the new varieties of maize with the name "NASA (Nakula Sadewa) 29". NASA 29 is a double bertongkol corn varieties has the potential of up to 13 tonnes / ha, one bar two cobs Nakula and Sadewa.

 "The key factor in increasing food production, especially corn is to produce seed with the best quality / superior, although with the same area of land can produce twice as much," said the President.

The President is accompanied by Minister of Agriculture Amran Sulaiman revealed that will gradually reduce the import of maize and the target in 2018 is not the import of maize.

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