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Black Soybean VUB Age Dwarf, Detam 3 and 4 Prida, Enchanting Business Industry Ketchup

In Indonesia, the main soybean designation skinned black beans (black beans) is a raw material for soy sauce. In other countries such as China, Taiwan, Korea, Japan, black soybeans being used as a wide range of processed food; such as burgers, ice cream and so on. The use of black soya sauce for raw materials not only improve the quality of soy sauce to brown black color, also enhance the nutritional value especially protein. In addition, the black soybeans have identified six compounds that antioxidant flavonols, isoflavones, anthosianin, proanthosianidin, tocopherol, and polikarbosilik acid, which serves as an antitumor agent and cardiovascular disease-preventing compounds.

Until now, the government of Indonesia has seven varieties of black soybeans with ripe age between 82-95 days, and there is no early duration varieties of black soybeans (

Based on these characteristics, the industry is expected to soy sauce business can be attracted to use soybean varieties Prida Detam 3 and 4 as the main raw material of soy sauce, so that the benefit of big business soy industry can be increased.

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