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Cropping System Align Legowo, What and How?

Crop productivity is determined by the interaction between varieties, growing environment and its management. Physiological and morphological properties of the varieties grown will adapt differently depending on environmental factors and cultivation techniques for the planting. Different cropping systems will provide different performance results due to uneven plant population. Cropping systems Jajar Legowo or abbreviated Legowo provide long hallway more freely for many farmers do maintenance without disturbing the plants. Microclimate between plants and plant populations ditiingkatkan repaired. It is therefore likely higher paddy productivity when planted with legowo system.

Legowo cropping system is a way of planting rice paddy with a pattern of some row crops are interspersed with empty rows. Plants that should be planted in an empty row of plants transferred as inserts in the ranks. At first row planting legowo commonly applied to areas that many pests and diseases. On the blank line between legowo unit, can be made shallow trench. Trenches can serve to collect snails, pressing iron toxicity in rice plants or for the maintenance of small fish (young). But then this cropping pattern evolved to provide higher yields as a result of increasing population and growing space for plant optimization.

Legowo row planting system in the direction of the outer row of plants provide more growing space at the same loose a higher population. With this planting system, capable of providing air circulation and optimum utilization of sunlight for planting. In addition, efforts to control weeds and fertilizing can be done more easily. At this time legowo practice in the field is quite diverse. This is likely to cause confusion and kekurangakuratan in crop production estimates. Anticipating this, the Center for Food Crops Research and Development unit through Rice Research Center has published a book of reference implementation legowo correct cropping systems ranging from planting to sampling tile, so that the implementation can actually achieve the expected goals. Hopefully this guide useful for many people who need it.

Legowo Cropping System Guide can be downloaded via the link: http://www.bbpadi.litbang.deptan.go.id/library/content/file/102/0000/0000/0000/a43513e611444f8a1efe37e929bec6281994-23

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