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Technical culture for Whitefly Pest Management in Soybean Plants

One of the disorders in increasing soybean production is pest whitefly Bemisia tabaci Gennadius . Yield losses due to pest whitefly is able to reach 80 % , even in severe attacks can cause puso ( crop failure). Global climate change is one of the triggers attacks whitefly in soybean plants . One of the effects of global climate change is increasing the earth's temperature . The increase in the earth's temperature will also result in increased pest populations and one of them is whitefly in soybean plants . Hot weather encourage increased pest populations . Some of the factors that often lead to farmers cultivating pest problems : ( a) the diversity of planting time . Planting time is not uniform pests often cause problems because the desired growth stadia pest always there , ( b ) diversity of seeds : soybean farming success or failure depends on the one seed , especially seed that has the ability to grow and seed health ( free of pests and diseases ) , ( c ) the availability of water Diversity : crop damage by pests will get worse if there is a shortage of water, ( d ) diversity of soil fertility conditions . Plants that grow in less fertile soil less , ( e ) The diversity of pest and disease control rate , which usually control is still not on the basis of individual and group deliberation .

Most of the whitefly pest control in soybean crop at farm level up to now still rely on insecticides , however, is still often fail in practice . Whitefly pest control can be done with a strategy based on the application of Integrated Pest Management ( IPM ) . The operational principle is used in the implementation of IPM one of which is : Growing healthy plants . Healthy plants have a high ecological resilience against pests . Control of technical culture is a preventive action , done before going on to the target pest population so as not to increase until it exceeds the control threshold . Whitefly pest control in technical culture can be done by : ( a) planting soybeans early , ( b ) the selection of tolerant varieties , ( c ) plant maize barrier between soybean , ( d ) regular irrigation systems , bulk water ( Sprinkler ) effectively reduces the intensity of whitefly , ( e ) non-host crop rotation , and ( f ) sanitation . To improve the effectiveness and efficiency of control is necessary farming techniques combined with other pest control in accordance with the principles of IPM .



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