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Sorghum: Technological Innovation and Development, One More Publications Commodities Food Plant Has

This period last Some sorghum has received greater attention from various parties in the context of economics and business . Call it the Ministry of SOEs as an example , Mr. Dahlan Iskan through uncountable number of PTPN has massively developed the cultivation of this commodity on the island of Sulawesi and Nusa Tenggara . Balitbangtan and a number of universities has been a continuous innovation resources and sorghum seed varieties such as sorghum Balitbangtan Numbu and Kawali for example , has spread more widely thanks to the program .

Center for Food Crops sorghum development opportunities to catch this as a moment to refresh a bit much repertoire of public knowledge about commodities this one . Comes in packs of a thick book 's 300 pages mengulik A - to- Z of sorghum , " Sorghum , Technological Innovation and Development " ready to enrich public understanding of those who are interested sorghum . This book is the fruit of the work and the researchers think that shelter IAARD, ICERI, ICFORD , CASER and ICAERD Research . Not only that , researchers from other research institutions as well BATAN also contributed constructive ideas in some parts of this book . Hopefully this book can provide many benefits to many parties .

To download the e-book file book " Sorghum , Technological Innovation and Development " please click here . ( NAS )

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