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Tropical wheat

More popular wheat or wheat flour called a much-needed foodstuffs Indonesian population . However , world wheat production in the last five years tended to decline , while consumption continues to increase . To meet the needs of the national wheat entirely because the government had to import food commodities this subtropical undeveloped in the country . If consumption continues to rise with wheat prices continue to climb in the world market , it is estimated there will be scarcity of wheat in the domestic market . It will certainly be an obstacle to the sustainability of the food industry so we need to find alternative solutions .

To increase the productivity of wheat varieties required / strains that are genetically high yield and adaptive in a location with an altitude < 400 m asl . The results of research in Pasuruan and Brass with altitude of 600 m above sea level suggests that the grain can produce well . Certain areas in NTT ( Soe ) and Papua ( Merauke ) suitable for grain development . Research in several other areas in Indonesia is also proved that the wheat plains ( tropical ) can be faster flowering ( 35-51 days ) compared with wheat plateau ( 55-60 days ) . However , if planted at normal temperatures ( tropical ), the wheat rust diseases often get interference . Some 15 lines / varieties of wheat developed in the lowlands ( < 400 m asl ) Merauke in the period June -September 2009 gave results of 1.3 to 2.4 t / ha . The highest yield of 2.4 t / ha was obtained in introduced varieties OASIS / SKAUZ / / 4 * BCN , higher than the national varieties Selayar , Nias , and the Gods with the results of each only 1.9 , 1.6 , and 1 , 3 t / ha .

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